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From the Archives: Furniture Fever

Happy Friday! Today I am going to talk about a piece of furniture that I have wanted for the past twenty-five years at least. What is it you ask? A vintage leather chair or pair. Old leather chairs add instant character to a space with their wrinkles and wear showing (as do people by the way!). When John and I were on our honeymoon many moons ago we saw a 1930s Art Deco leather chair in an antique shop that spoke to me, more like shouted at me. It was very, very worn, so much so that the seat was covered in a linen-y burlap-y type fabric because the leather was so rough. I loved it so much. I was determined to buy it, ship it to Baltimore and place it by the fireplace in the dining room. No dice when it's a newly married couple's decision. John was against it as much as I was for it. I have to tell you that I think of that chair all of the time and wish that I had it in my house. It was a piece of art.

I purchased this leather chair before we were married and it is on its way to becoming vintage. It is not even close to the same though :-(

Over the years, starting well before I purchased the chair above, through present day, I have saved and continue to save images of vintage leather chairs, pining for the one that got away.

These are some of the images I have saved over the years that are in my inspiration binders.

The oldest ones have larger scale chairs and my taste has definitely moved to a more tailored line. My dream chair was more tailored than these first two images.

The dark vintage leather chair in this room is gorgeous. The artwork and black walls aren't bad either!

These leather wingback chairs are like pieces of art. This room is all around gorgeous.

I love the lines of these petite leather chairs.

I don't think this chair is actually vintage, I am a fan of the nailhead trim though!

Following are some more recent saved images, the leather chairs are still old though lol.

The chairs in these next two rooms designed by Sean Anderson have the most similar lines to my dream chair. This chair is a beauty and the wall to wall artwork in this room is extremely attractive too.

Check out the old drum being used as a table, ingenious!

This image is from Frederic Magazine and is from the 1999 home of David Netto. This chair definitely has some wear to it and the lines are fantastic.

Do you have the fever for a vintage leather chair too!?! Mine never seems to go away. Someday, perhaps you or I will be lucky enough to have one, or maybe you already do - I'm green with envy! I will be back for Manic Monday. Happy weekend.

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