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Book Report: Style Comfort Home

Hello. I have completed my homework on this month's Book Report from my ever growing stack of home design books that I have not yet read. This month I chose Style Comfort Home by Andrew Howard. The apple did not fall far from the tree in Andrew Howard's case. Andrew is the son of very successful and well known designers/decorators Phoebe Howard and Jim Howard and has gone on to become an established, talented and successful designer in his own right.

Style Comfort Home is Andrew's first book and was published in 2021. The book is written in a friendly and encouraging way and is a guide to decorating your own home. Andrew works to demystify putting a room together with tips on picking paint colors, adding architectural character, and mixing textures and fabrics. The book offers advice on finding a starting point for a room and gives helpful, instructive encouragement for step by step processes to bring the room to a beautiful finish.

Andrew loves color, loves mixing fabrics, loves wallpaper. He loves adding antique furniture and whimsical elements to each room. His rooms are designed for the families that live in them and are constructed to survive and thrive in each space's daily life. If you love something that you think is bold and are worried about taking the plunge, this book is intended to give you confidence in taking that plunge.

original photo by Laurie Glenn

Here are some pictures I took from the book to give you an idea of the rooms Andrew creates.

In this room the walls are covered in fabric above the wainscoting, a sophisticated alternative to wallpaper. This makes me think of the first time I went through the Ralph Lauren store/mansion on Madison Avenue in Manhattan when I was in college. All of the spaces had fabric wall coverings and I was blown away. I have always loved the look of fabric covered walls.

original photo by Eric Piasecki

In this room, the ceiling, lighting and drapes do most of the talking.

original photo by Laurie Glenn

This room is a great display of mixing styles and patterns. All of the colors used in the room are found in the draperies which bring this room together beautifully. The beautiful wallpaper on the walls leading to the room echoes the green in the room as well.

original photo by Lucas Allen

This dramatic room is an example of remembering to incorporate the "fifth wall" with wallpaper on the ceiling.

original photo by Max Kim-Bee

Everything is kept simple in this stunning entryway to let the stairs take center stage.

original photo by David Tsay

High gloss walls, particularly in rooms that do not have a lot of natural light, really take the room to the next level because the wall surfaces becomes highly reflective and bring light throughout the space. Andrew beautifully incorporates this technique in a number of rooms in the book.

original photo by Lucas Allen

Another example of wallpaper on the ceiling adding drama and visual interest to the space.

original photo by Lucas Allen

Here is that beautiful wallpaper again. Stunning. This wallpaper is able to stand (almost) on its own with the blue furniture. The only other permanent green element seen in the room is the lamp on the cabinet in the corner.

original photo by Lucas Allen

Monochromatic rooms work extremely well when a variety of textures are used as seen here. The combination of the rush seats, white coral chandelier, geometric patterns on the rug and the chair at the head of the table, and the abstract art make this room visually engaging and attractive.

original photo by Brittany Ambridge

This room shows a great mix of masculine and feminine styles. The houndstooth blanket and hunting picture above the bed are decidedly more "masculine" than the bed linens and side table. The look is unified with the dark trim and glimpse into the pastel-y bathroom.

original photo by Eric Piasecki

Wallpaper and a blue painted ceiling are the backdrop for this pretty bedroom. I love the bed!

original photo by Max Kim-Bee

This is a bold bedroom. When Andrew says in his book "do not be afraid of color" this is what he means. This room is fantastic and mixes pink and red which might scare you off in theory, in reality though, it is tremendous.

original photo by Lucas Allen

Wallpaper in bathrooms? Always a great idea. I love this mirror.

original photo by Max Kim-Bee

And I love this wallpaper! Those tree branch sconces are amazing too. All powder rooms should have wallpaper.

original photo by Max Kim-Bee

I recommend checking Style Comfort Home out if you are looking to get out of your comfort zone in the way you decorate your home (or get into a zone period) and need some encouragement and inspiration. Andrew Howard incorporates stories, is extremely approachable and offers great practical advice on everything from window coverings to storage solutions.

I will be back tomorrow with Vignettes of the Month for March. This month certainly is marching on :-).

Thank you for joining me today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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