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Book Report: Feels Like Home

Hello. I am writing my monthly book report today. Isn't it funny how when you are reading and writing about a book that you have intense interest in it doesn't feel like work to do a book report? Certainly not like it felt back in school! Earlier this month I wrote a Thank You Note post to Lauren Liess. I have been inspired by Lauren Liess ever since first coming across her blog over ten years ago. It seems appropriate to follow up that post with a Book Report on Lauren's most recent book (her third!).

The full title of the book is Feels Like Home Relaxed Interiors for a Meaningful Life. Although the book is full of beautiful images of Lauren's interior design work (all photography by Helen Norman), it is much more than pretty pictures. It is an exploration of Lauren's quest to live, and design for, an intentional life (her own and her clients).

The book goes into great detail about Lauren's criteria for purchasing a house for her own family and how she helps her design clients hone in on what matters the most to them in their home so she can design a space that is tailored to them. Lauren's ultimate advice is that when designing your home remember that you (and your family) are the only one that has to love it. Homes should not be designed to be a visual masterpiece or to impress others, your home should be designed as the place where you feel your best, where you are relaxed, where you bond with friends and family, where you create memories, where you want to be, long to be.

Lauren talks about how the times she is leading an intentional life (rather than going about her day on "autopilot"), embracing the imperfections in her home, practicing gratitude - that is when she feels the most joy, that is when she is leading a meaningful life. Lauren explains how she and her family do this and talks about their priorities, and she shares tips and advice for helping the readers find a meaningful life for themselves. Lauren pulls back "the curtain" so to speak. Life at home (anyone's home) does not match a styled photograph, nor should it! I share Lauren's underlying philosophies discussed in the book. I often say I want my house to feel like a hug for anyone who enters it and Lauren is saying the same thing, albeit in greater and inspiring detail, in her book. I highly recommend it.

Lauren's guiding principle in her designs is to incorporate only what you love. Keep it simple. You do not need a lot of stuff unless that is what you love. Here are some of the beautiful rooms in the book putting Lauren's words into practice.

Making An Entrance

The entryways in Lauren's designs let visitors know they are in for a treat.

Living(room) Life To The Fullest

Lauren works magic with the mix of materials from varying eras and styles in her designs - from the rug(s) on the floor all the way up to the lighting on the ceiling and everything in between.

This is my favorite kind of room. A great mix of furniture and architectural elements. I love the daybed and black wicker chair. I love the ceiling. I love the lighting. I love the draperies. This room says come in and exhale. Love it.

More great lighting in this room.

The next three images are from the same room. It is a long room broken into three distinct areas and they are all amazing.

This sofa faces the fireplace.

The dining room is at the opposite end of the room.

And a four chair circle combination is in the middle!

Feast For The Eyes

Stunning, simple dining spaces allow for meals focused on food and conversation.

I love the linen slipcovers on these dining chairs and that mural is to die for.

Rest Time

Lauren also talks about how she likes to keep bedrooms simple so they are a space to unwind. Here is a great example of a simple, stunning bedroom.

Feels Like Home is a great book to have on hand for inspiration and motivation. Lauren also shares resources at the end of the book which I find most helpful for paint colors especially. I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse of the book. I will be back tomorrow with Vignettes Of The Month. See you there.

Thank you for dropping by today, Kerry




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