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The Sixth House: Exterior Update

Hello. I am excited to be able to share some progress being made on the exterior of my house! I outlined my plans for the exterior in this post. It goes into great detail about the painting, porches, decks, gutters, stand alone garage, landscaping, and more if you want a refresher.

Phase One, I'll call it, has begun. Over the past several weeks a lot of the existing landscaping close to the house has been cut down to make way for the painters, the house has in fact been painted, and yesterday new gutter installation began.

Today's post will be mostly visual. Phase One is looking good! Following are the "before" listing photos and in progress photos of the changes underway.


This is from the listing photos when the house was for sale.

This is the house after the landscaping was cut down and the plastic shutters were removed. You can see some paint swatches on the front. We were deciding between Benjamin Moore's China White and White Dove for the exterior. Ultimately we chose White Dove.

Here is the front in its stages of being painted white! I love it!

My dog, Hudson looks thrilled with the changes!


This is the listing photo:

Here is the same side of the house after the landscaping was removed and right before painting began. There is a swatch of the trim paint color on the garage that you can barely see. We used Farrow & Ball Drop Cloth and to say that I love it is an understatement!

In process painting....

The beginning of the new garage door and trim paint! This lighter trim makes a world of difference in the appearance of the house and makes my heart so happy!

The garage doors painted!


There is no listing photo from this side of the house. This picture was taken after the bushes were removed and right before the painting started. You can see some repairs to the brick and the sample paint swatches.

In progress....

It looks so much better!


The listing photos make the back yard look lush, in actuality the majority of the trees were quite unhealthy and hazardous so we removed them soon after we moved in. Prepare for the shocking difference.

Here is the shock!

After seeing the back painted I thought we should paint the chimney white too. John really wanted to keep the chimney brick so there you have it. Once the planned new decks and the flagstone patio are installed, along with the new landscaping, I think it will all look great together. It's easier to paint later than remove paint from the chimney, right?!


Gutter installation is underway! We decided to use four inch round downspouts and six inch K-style gutters in a "designer copper" finish. I think they look fantastic with the paint color and cannot wait to see them all installed! We will be adding a covered entry over the front door and side door and those will have half round gutters in the same finish. Stay tuned for that.

Here is what the K-style gutter looks like.


After the gutter installation is complete the new landscaping and hardscaping can begin. These are samples for decking options. This first picture is to get an idea of how they look next to the house color.

These next two are to see how they look next to the trim color, which will also be the color for the horizontal railings on the decks.

I was on the fence about which to choose and John really wanted the darker decking option in the middle so that is what we are going with. I will share more progress with you as soon as I can! Hopefully very soon. There is much more to come!

I will be back tomorrow with a new feature called "Either Or". See you then.

Thank you for walking around my house with me,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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