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The Sixth House: Exterior Update

Hello. Today I am giving a progress report on the changes being made to the exterior of my house. I talked in detail about the plan I put together to update the outside of the house and the landscaping in this post. In summary, the plan is/was to paint the outside, install new gutters and re-do the hardscape and landscape throughout the entire property.

This post will be mostly visual with progression shots leading to where the house stands today.

The Front of the House

The first two images are the "before we owned the house" pictures.

We cut down most of the landscaping to make way for painting.

We had new gutters installed.

We are having a new bluestone walkway from the driveway to the front door installed and a new covered front entrance constructed.

This last photo is where the front stands today. The walkway needs to be laid, the front porch needs to be completed in bluestone and the support for the black metal roof needs to be built. Following all of the construction comes all new landscaping.

The Garage (Right) Side of the House

This is the listing photo.

This is after the landscaping came down and when paint samples were being tested at the end of the summer.

This is what is going on today. There is water damage where the old side entrance was. This needs to be repaired and a new side entrance will be built to match the deck in the back. There will also soon be a covered entrance over the side door with a black metal roof to match the front entry.

The Back of the House

The listing photo comes first.

Landscaping gone and prepping for paint.

Making way for the new deck.

The deck has been extended and squared off.

Preparing for the patio.

The railings will be painted in the spring to match the color of the trim and garage doors on the house.

Still finishing touches on the deck and patio to come and of course all new landscaping.

The Left Side of the House

Nothing much has happened to this side of the house since painting and gutters. There will be new landscaping down the entire left side of the house when everything is said and done.

The exterior is definitely still a major work in progress. The hope and plan is that this time next month the hardscape and landscaping project will be complete. In addition to the changes on the house, we are also adding a detached garage at the end of the driveway. Fingers crossed it will be completed at the same time the landscaping is finished.

I will post another update as soon as more significant changes occur. Tomorrow though, I will be posting a Comfort Food Friday: Thanksgiving Edition with a recipe for turkey leftovers. See you then.

Thank you for coming by today,



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