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Sixth House Renovation Plan - Introduction to the Upstairs

Hello. Thank you for coming back after the last post! We are ready to move to the upstairs now. Today I thought it made sense to give you the lay of the land and then in the next two posts I will go into detail about the significant changes we plan to make upstairs.

We have completely been through the main floor where there are some significant changes in the works for the entry, library, sitting room, kitchen, dining room, and laundry room/powder room area and some not so major changes to the great room/family room. All linked in case you have missed some and/or want to go back and take a look.

We will start with listing photos of the bedrooms upstairs. In the initial full house tour, I referred to the bedrooms upstairs as:

Bedroom One:

Bedroom One is our younger daughters bedroom.

Bedroom Two:

Bedroom Two is our older daughter's bedroom/guest room since she no longer lives at home and it will stay as such.

Bedroom Three, (which I just realized I attributed three photos to in the house tour post when it actually only has two pictures and Bedroom Two also has two pictures). Please forgive me for not being able to tell the rooms apart as Bedrooms One, Two, and Three all have the same unique light fixture. There is probably only one picture of Bedroom One because you might catch a glimpse of the hall bathroom from the other side of the room, alas, I digress. Here is Bedroom Three:

Bedroom Three is our son's bedroom and will also stay that way.

The Master Bedroom:

The master is currently my and John's bedroom and will stay that way lol.

The Master Sitting Area:

The sitting area is currently John's Covid work from home office and hopefully will transition to be heavy on the sitting area and light on the office area.

The Master Bath:

Here are some exterior listing photos marking up the location of these rooms. Previously I believe I only shared one exterior picture of the front facade so this will give you a better idea of the entire exterior.

In the above photo, the library is to the left of the front door and our son's room is above that. The dining room is to the right of the front door and the master bedroom is above that. The master bathroom and closets are mostly above the garage.

A tighter view of the front:

The garage side of the house:

In the above photo you see the exterior entrance to what will become the mudroom (currently the laundry room) and the large window by the tub in the master bathroom is above the garage.

The back side of the house:

In this photo, the mudroom is on the bottom left, then the triangular bump-out of the kitchen is to the right of that. The sliding doors are in the current eating area of the kitchen and the master bedroom sitting area is directly above them. The great room/family room is where the fireplace chimney is and our younger daughter's bedroom is above the great room.

We do not have a listing photo of the left side of the house (when looking at the house from the street). Our older daughter's bedroom is on that side, above the sitting room downstairs (and next to our son's bedroom upstairs). I hope that makes sense.

Here is a picture of the full second floor blueprints as another frame of reference:

Here are photos of the upstairs hallway. This is at the top of the stairs:

There is a niche at the top of the stairs on a lovely angled wall. Behind this wall is the even lovelier hall bathroom.

Across from the niche is the angled wall and door to the master bedroom, curiously it is at a different angle from the niche, and across from the top of the stairs to the right of the niche is the entrance to our younger daughter's bedroom:

The other direction:

The door on the left is for our son's room and it is basically across from the door to the hall bathroom (which you cannot see) and the door straight ahead, I guess, is to our older daughter's bedroom.

Since the hall bathroom and the entire master area have a lot of changes planned, we will tackle them in separate posts. The three "kid's" bedrooms will not change much at all in the construction phase. Here is my list of changes for the spaces:

  1. Remove the niche in the hallway at the top of the stairs so that the wall will be flat/straight across and give that little bit of space to the hall bathroom

  2. In our older daughter's bedroom and our son's bedroom trim the closet doors to convert them to French style doors with new hardware instead of the current sliding doors - one project I know we are able to do ourselves - whether that happens remains to be seen (our younger daughter's bedroom has two closets with "regular" doors). You get a good view of the sliding door closets in the pictures above for Bedrooms Two and Three

There will be a lot more to talk about for these areas when we start looking at the decorating of the house and then perhaps each room will warrant its own post!

Thank you for following along and taking a look at what we have to work with (transform!) upstairs. Next time we'll talk all about the hall bath and until then I will be working on how to take some pictures of it!

I'm so glad you came by today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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