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On Trend Tuesday

Hello. This is the fourth installment of On Trend Tuesday. The previous three, and now this one, have all featured elements I have started to notice quite regularly in kitchen designs. Today I am pointing out the frequent appearance of checkerboard flooring in kitchens lately. Linoleum checkered floors used to be quite commonplace in kitchens (it is hard to imagine an American 1950s kitchen without them) and although the pattern in kitchens has never gone away completely, checkerboard floors had fallen far out of favor, replaced primarily by wood floors, stone floors, and single color tile floors over the past several decades.

Well, move over linoleum, checkered floors are making a comeback in marble and stone tiles for the twenty-first century!

This first one designed by hemma interiors has green and white smaller tiles. This kitchen manages to look classic and current at the same time. So pretty.

Black and white checkerboard flooring is definitely "the classic" look. It has been used in entry halls and bathrooms for hundreds of years too. Here are some examples of it in use in kitchens today.

This galley kitchen is designed by Brooke Wagner Design.

This kitchen with modern nods to vintage elements (the floor and stools) is designed by Studio McGee.

This is actually a mudroom designed by Kristin Peake Interiors. I also have this room saved for an "It's All in the Details" post because this space is filled with great details - I might as well list them here! The oversized light is stunning. Having an island in the mudroom is genius. The paneled walls are a fantastic way to bridge the landing space in the home from the outside to the inside. And the brass feet on the island is the ultimate detail. The floor is looking great too :-)

The black and white flooring in this kitchen by deVol looks timeless.

Here is another kitchen by deVol, found in a home in the Catskills in upstate New York. I am a fan of the smaller sized checkerboard. I like the way the flooring complements the stone countertop too, stunning.

Red and white tiles also make a great looking kitchen checkerboard floor. In this first photo in this colorful home you see a glimpse of the kitchen floor from the entryway. Design by Liz Cann.

This next kitchen, designed by Nicole Cohen of Sketch42, is a dream kitchen. I love the tall ceilings and the cabinetry; the flooring looks fantastic too.

Here is another beauty with red and white checkered flooring designed by Victoria Hagan. This kitchen is a starry night design, the more you look the more you see. Starting from the peaked ceiling with its sculptural beam, down to the framed checkerboard floor, every detail in this kitchen is gorgeous. Please note the paneled ceiling and walls, the "crown molding" that is not actually at the crown, the range hood, the large piece of artwork, the butcher top countertop next to the range and the styling on the counter tops under the beautiful two level glass cabinets. Wow.

At the end of yesterday's Manic Monday post I mentioned that one of the images in the post contained the On Trend Tuesday design element I would talk about today. It was this kitchen/pantry designed by HAM Interior Design. Did you guess checkerboard floors yesterday???

Would you consider checkerboard flooring in your kitchen? It certainly can be stunning. Something to think about for sure. I will be back tomorrow with a "Thank You Note" post. See you then.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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