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Kitchens, More Kitchens

Good morning! At least I hope it's morning by the time I finish this :-). We are in the midst of reviewing the five design options I have narrowed it down to for the kitchen in good ol' house number six. In the last post we talked about Kitchen Option One and Kitchen Option Two. Prior to that we chatted about the cabinet layout and changes to the architect plans and way back when we talked about the renovation plan. Today we will look at Kitchen Option Three and Kitchen Option Four.

Today's plans are a variation of sorts from the first two options. Option Three uses some of the elements from Option Two and Option Four uses some from Option One and then both have a little something different. Confusing? I wish I had more than one kitchen it seems. Let' get into it!

The mood board for Kitchen Option Three:

The basics:

  • Range cabinets: putty color shaker

  • Pantry and china cabinets: black shaker

  • Island cabinets: black shaker

  • Bench cabinets: putty color shaker

  • Range countertop and backsplash: soapstone (or quartz lookalike)

  • Island countertop: marble (or quartz with a marble look)

  • Cabinet hardware: putty color wood knobs on range cabinets and bench, polished nickel elsewhere

  • Sink: apron front white farm sink

  • Faucet: polished nickel

  • Refrigerator: stainless steel

  • Bench fabric: red print fabric with coordinating pillows

  • Window treatments: fabric blinds

Kitchen Option Three continues the putty color on the cabinetry surrounding the range and on the bench from Kitchen Option Two. The putty color would also be the trim color around the windows above the bench. The differences from Kitchen Option Two are that the island, pantry, and china cabinets would all be black. The refrigerator would be stainless in this option and the island would have marble (or quartz lookalike) as the countertop rather than soapstone. I talked about my love of marble and soapstone in the previous post and my interior conflict in using the natural material, my first choice, versus lookalike options for durability. That battle still rages on in my head, it may be a TKO based on price in the end. Stay tuned.

The choice for a polished nickel faucet stays the same as in Kitchen Options One and Two:

I really love these two fabrics from Peter Dunham. I love the paisley for window treatments and the stripe as the base for the bench. Of course I would want to add coordinating and dominantly blue and white fabric pillows to the bench as well as on the stools.

Something like this antique nickel and white globe pendant would work really well above the island with the Kitchen Option Three decor scheme:

If these are hung at the right height I do not think they will take up too much visual space in the sightline to and from the circle room. Here is a picture of these pendants in a kitchen from the Circa Lighting website:

They are also so great looking in black!

This is a little inspiration of what the dark color perimeter cabinets would feel like:

Lastly, this is the color coded floor plan to help visualize which color is where:

Kitchen Option Four is similar to Kitchen Option One with the new additions of some wood elements for warmth and a touch of modern for interest:

The highlights of this design are:

  • Range cabinets: soft/warm white shaker

  • Pantry and china cabinets: wood shaker or very minimal profiling detail

  • Island cabinets: black shaker

  • Bench cabinets: soft/warm white shaker

  • Range countertop and backsplash: soapstone (or quartz lookalike)

  • Island countertop: marble (or quartz with similar look)

  • Cabinet hardware: black

  • Sink: apron front white farm sink

  • Faucet: black

  • Refrigerator: wood panel to match cabinets

  • Bench fabric: blue ikat

  • Window treatments: black wood blinds

The design for Kitchen Option Four has separate "color zones". The island cabinetry would be black. The range and bench cabinetry would be a soft/warm white like Pointing from Farrow & Ball. The pantry cabinet and the china cabinet and refrigerator wall would be wood cabinetry. What would it take for Kitchen Option Four to be the winner? It is really dependent on the wood cabinets. I used wood cabinets in the butler's pantry of our house in Baltimore because I wanted a contrast to the white kitchen and I wanted the wood to be a nod to the age of the home (built in 1790) and look like it had been there for a long, long time. I never fully loved the way it turned out. I loved the idea, the cabinetry looked to shiny and modern to me personally. There was an antique terra cotta tile on the floors, it was gorgeous, both the kitchen and the butler's pantry (if I do say so myself!) the wood cabinets were not "it" though. The idea was "it" however!

I have a specific tone of wood I really like, the tone and weathered finish of a lot of the furniture in our house speaks to me, like these do:

Now I'm sure you see the problem here. These wood elements are all antique furniture pieces in the kitchen, not new cabinets. If I am able to source cabinets that have this look and feel, or better yet have reclaimed wood cabinets custom made, I am all in. If I am able to find reclaimed wood (and afford it!), I would have the refrigerator be stainless steel. Hmmmm, I need to start working on this idea :-) This would push Kitchen Option Four to the front of the line.

For the "interest elements" I mentioned above, it would be fun to have the bench covered in a fabric like this from Kravet:

This fabric would be a great compliment to the great room sofa and would be fun to mix and layer pillows with. The windows above the bench would have black wood blinds to hide the taupe-y color of the interior/exterior window trim, like Kitchen Option One.

A pendant light like this would be interesting and visually minimal:

Lastly, a black faucet like this would spice things up a bit:

These are a few inspiration pictures of how white, black and wood kitchens "feel".

This is the floor plan with the "color zones". The brown is not at all a good representation of the wood tone I would want, the weathered tone was not available on the color wheel lol.

There we have it, Kitchen Options Three and Four complete. Do you have a favorite, a new favorite? I love them all, that's a real problem for me! Next time we will look at the fifth and final option. I hope to see you here then!

Thank you for reading today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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