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It's All In The Details: Window Treatments

Details make the design (better), no doubt. Today I am sharing some images of window treatments that each have a little something extra to make them move from functional to fabulous.

These voluptuous curtains have ribbons of patterned trim running down at even spaced intervals and a solid strip of trim at the leading edges. The glimpse of this room is gorgeous and it would be still, even without the curtain trim. The details on the curtain though make a pretty space that much prettier.

These curtains have tassel trim close to the top which adds a little something extra to the already vibrant Susan Deliss fabric.

These curtains with the strip of leading edge trim are a stunning nod to the black and white color scheme of the bedroom.

The trim on this kitchen's Roman blind is a charming addition to the all white space.

I love layering shades and drapes together. In this case the woven blind is below a transom window and the drapes are a practical solution to block all of the light from the windows when needed. The trim on the edges makes it all the more attractive though.

Another woven blind and drape combination. The scalloped edge on the drapes is a lovely, feminine detail that complements the floral wallpaper.

The five tassel trimmed curtain panels in this nursery, paired with woven Roman blinds, are perfection. The curtains meet the floor with just the right amount of "draping" on the floor too. This look could work in any room where there is a line of windows. So, so pretty.

I am a fan of chocolate and pink together and this brown Greek key trim elevates these pink (looks to be linen) curtains enormously.

Valences are not that common anymore - perhaps a future On Trend Tuesday post? If you are going to have one though, adding a ribbon of trim like this to complement the shade fabric is the way to go!

The scalloped trim on these drapes complements the color and feel of the floral fabric and adds a perfect finishing touch.

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Incorporating trim fabric on blinds and draperies, as well as layering shades and curtains together are details worth considering and investing in to elevate a room substantially. If you can make your own curtains, all the better. It really is all in the details! I will be back tomorrow with a Furniture Fever post. See you there!

Thank you for reading today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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