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It's All In the Details: Doors and Windows

This edition of It's All In The Details is about adding features that elevate doors and windows. An extra layer and often unexpected detail makes a tremendous difference in the appearance of one's home. For doors and windows added elements can create a wow factor both inside and on the exterior of a house, sometimes both at the same time! The feature I am focusing on mostly in this post is transoms - a smaller window above a door or larger window, and a little bit on shutters and perhaps a few other details worth noting!

I will start with exteriors.

The tower on this home constructed by Jackson & LeRoy and designed by McAlpine House has transom windows all around. This allows for the millwork to shine. The lookout perch is an amazing detail too. This house looks like an old castle when in actuality it is a new home. It's all in the details - the stone facade, old fashioned looking entry door and its color, plus the roof on the tower all add up to a beautiful, substantial structure with an instant feel of history.

This is a truly old home and door. The narrow French doors with the transom window above and then the dental molding above that are charming. Transom windows over doors have been a wow factor for hundreds of years and continue to be so.

This is a home by The Bellepoint Company right here in the Columbus, Ohio area. The way the barn door closures are used as shutters adds so much character to this house, as do the stone elements (foundation, chimney, cupola), and the addition of a metal roof in places (dormer windows and right "wing"). Curb appeal times ten.

I love Dutch doors and a Dutch door with French doors/shutters at the top is even better! This building is truly adorable.

Here is a look at exterior doors from the inside.

The French door with the transom above it in this kitchen designed by The Sarah Blank Studio is so pretty. I really like the brass knob and lock that run the length of the door and also I am charmed by the way the glass panes in the transom above the door are separated to match the panes in the glass door - great detail. Lastly, having a rolling ladder in the kitchen is a dream of mine. Love it.

No doubt this door would still be stunning without the transom above. The transom elevates the space several notches for sure though. The color of this door and transom window is beautiful too. Design by M House. This entry gives a big Welcome! to guests.

This next entry has details galore. It is all designed to let in optimal natural light while allowing for privacy at the same time. The small, square windows on the walls are the same height as the window on the front door - great detail. The transom above is large and the side lights are narrow - another great detail. Moving down this hall, the dark curved door, antiques and vintage rugs are extremely welcoming. The wall and ceiling paneling is the icing on top. Design by lonni paul design.

The door in this kitchen designed by OZARCHITECTSINC can be a French Door, a Dutch Door or both at the same time; and has a transom on top! Phenomenal detail in a kitchen filled with them!

A couple of interior doors and windows with transoms to look at.

I shared this kitchen once before here because of the cabinetry color. Today I am sharing it because of the pretty transom window above the swinging black door (assuming it leads to the dining room?). I could share this kitchen for multiple reasons. Today I am particularly drawn to the wood floors. This kitchen is very attractive indeed. Design by S.R. Gambrel.

I really like the way these transom windows continue along the wall beyond the door in this design by Michael Godmer.

The window over the sink in this Kate Abt Design kitchen is charming in every way. Pretty view too.

I am going to end with a detail that was built into old homes long before central heat and air conditioning existed. This detail helped to keep a home warmer in the winter by blocking wind and cooler in the summer by providing shade. The detail is: built in shutters! They fold out of the wall to cover the window when needed. I have always loved this detail. I have not seen anyone build a new house with these, if you are lucky enough to buy an old house that has them - please keep them!

space designed by Studio Milne, photo source

Details sure do make a difference! I will be back tomorrow with a new feature - Wallpaper Love. See you there.

Thank you for joining me today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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