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Comfort Food Friday

I have an easy, one pot meal recipe to share with you today. This is my older daughter's and my son's favorite chicken recipe that I make and that is saying a lot because we eat chicken prepared in a lot of different ways around here! In an earlier Comfort Food Friday post I shared my younger daughter's favorite chicken recipe. This recipe stems from a recipe my mom cut out of the Hartford Courant newspaper in the early 1990s. I made it according to the original recipe and didn't love it but I loved the idea of it so I have modified it a bit over the years and ended up here. I am happy to say I love it now and I hope you do too.

When I make it I squeeze the lemon into a measuring cup and then add the ground cinnamon and cloves. It takes a little bit of stirring to get the ground spices incorporated in the lemon juice. If you are using chicken breasts you will most likely need a bowl to coat the chicken pieces.

The easiest way to coat the chicken is with your hands. After it is coated I put it in a bowl to make sure I am collecting any of the dripping lemon juice mixture.

This is how the chicken looks when it is all coated.

If you mix butter and oil in the pot it raises the burn temperature so that the butter can cook at a higher heat and you still get the flavor from the butter.

This is the first batch of chicken being browned.

The other side.

The third batch of chicken. The cinnamon in the pan really darkens as you brown the chicken.

This the left over lemon mixture from the chicken bowl with the remains of the measuring cup added as well. Beautiful, right!?! lol It makes the chicken taste better in the end though!

I pour the fat from the pan, I do not wipe it out though so that the flavor from the browned cinnamon remains. I add the two cans of crushed tomatoes, the reserved lemon mixture and the cinnamon sticks and bring to a boil. I then cover and simmer for ten minutes to let the flavors build before I add the chicken back in.

This is how the sauce looks right before you put the chicken back in the pot.

This is the chicken when it is just added to the pot.

And this is the chicken when it is done cooking - falling off the bone - yummy.

I serve it with rice, you could serve it with cous cous, bread, noodles, vegetables. It's totally up to you.

If you try this recipe, I hope you love it too. Please let me know! Happy weekend.

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