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Comfort Food Friday

To end the week, I wanted to share my new favorite pasta recipe, courtesy of Food & Wine magazine with a little tweaking from me. It is for Creamy Tomato Rigatoni. I have made this three times over the past month. It is super easy, rich, and delicious. I am hungry just thinking about it!

Here is the recipe in photos:

These are all of the ingredients that you need:

First, I put the tomatoes in a bowl and crush them by hand.

This is how they look crushed.

Next, I roughly chop the onion.

Put the butter in the Dutch oven to melt it.

Once melted, add the onions.

Stir the onions in the butter and begin to cook.

This is how the onions look when it is time to add the crushed tomatoes and reserved juices.

Add the tomatoes.

Stir the mixture and begin to simmer on low for the thirty minutes.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta. I time cooking the pasta so that it is done cooking right at the time it needs to be added to the sauce. This ensures the pasta is hot when added to the sauce so the entire dish will be hot at the time of serving. The exact time to start the pasta will depend on the package directions for cooking the pasta.

Add the cream, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes once the sauce has simmered thirty minutes.

Stir in the cream and spices.

Add the pasta.

Stir to coat. Add reserved pasta cooking water if necessary. I have not needed to use extra pasta cooking water when making this. I find if you simmer the sauce on low heat, add the cream, and then put the rigatoni right in after draining (so there is still a bit of pasta water in the noodles) there is enough liquid to coat the pasta.

Add some Parmesan and you're done and ready to eat!

I highly recommend trying this recipe. It is really, really tasty.

Happy weekend. I will be back on Manic Monday.




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