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Book Report

Hello! As you most likely know, I have a stack of design books that I have purchased and not yet read. The stack seems to be growing as I cannot stop myself from buying new books that come recommended and/or look fantastic. I am doing this despite the fact that almost my entire collection of books (design and otherwise) are boxed up as I await the renovation of my house which will include the addition of a library. I sure do need some bookcases around here! To help alleviate the growing stack of unread design books though, I have committed to reading at least one per month and sharing my thoughts on the book with you here.

This month I read In Comfort and Style by Estee Stanley. Estee is a stylist turned interior designer and through it all a consummate entertainer. Estee's first request for help with interior design was from her client (as a stylist) and best friend Ashley Olsen (of Full House fame and the co-founder of The Row with her sister Mary-Kate). Although Estee had no formal training as an interior designer, Ashley Olsen loved Estee's style and wanted her ideas, influence, and ultimately design for the house. The rest, as they say, is history. Estee has a long list of celebrity clients that includes Ellen Pompeo, Jillian and Patrick Dempsey, Sasha Alexander, Lea Michele and Jessica Biel.

Here is the book cover:

The book includes as many great tidbits of advice as it does stunning photographs. Estee advises on paint colors, mixing feminine and masculine, going big in the bathroom, window treatments, wallpaper, lighting, what to splurge on, collections and more. This book is both a great resource for planning and implementing a project as well as inspiring to look through. Following are some images I took while reading the book.

The mix of furniture styles, white walls, and linen curtains in this room is extremely attractive and inviting.

photo by Justin Coit, styled by Brigette Romanek

I am in love with the color of this sofa!

photo by Justin Coit, styled by Brigette Romanek

The next two images are of the same room taken at different times, you will see the chair to the left of the mirror in the first picture was replaced by a piano (or vice versa) and some of the artwork has changed. One of the pieces of advice that Estee has in her book is to forgo recessed lighting in favor of table lamps, sconces and hanging lamps (which I am in total agreement with). That advice is showcased in this room.

Photo by Bryony Shearmur, styled by Brigette Romanek

photo by Nick Johnson, styled by Brigette Romanek

There is not a single thing I do not absolutely love in this kitchen - perfection!

This casual dining table beckons you to come take a seat.

This is a space I would be happy to go to work in.

photo by Roger Davies

The symmetry of this exterior is calling my name, and the dark facade is the icing on the cake.

The next five images are from the same house and the house is incredible. Love it.

photo by Justin Coit

photo by Justin Coit, styled by Brigette Romanek

photo by Justin Coit

photo by Justin Coit

photo by Justin Coit

The next two images are two different vantages of the same space . When Estee is writing about this house she mentions that no body ever complains about having an extra seat at a party and that is why she recommends "collecting" chairs - they are not necessarily big ticket items, create great vignettes, and can move from room to room - great advice.

photo by Roger Davies

photo by Roger Davies, styled by Brigette Romanek

I am so glad I read this book and I recommend you do as well!

I will be back tomorrow with an Either Or post. See you there.

Thank you for reading today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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