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Spot On Tuesday

I have spotted a cabinet door feature lately that I am loving - cabinet doors that slide. It is not a new idea, it was quite common in the butler's pantries of old homes. I covet homes with original cabinetry in the butler's pantry. That's another topic lol! Very recently though, I have noticed this type of cabinetry being used in newly renovated (or new build) kitchens.

Here is a sliding door cabinet from an old home. Isn't she pretty?

photo source

Here is a new one made to look old. Love the color.

This cabinetry has contrasting wood for the sliders which is quite attractive.

The fluted glass on these cabinets is charming.

And this bleached cabinet shows that "sliders" work well without a glass front too. So stunning.

What do you think of the sliding door cabinets? Would you incorporate them into your kitchen redesign? I love that they are unexpected and add a touch of whimsy and charm to the kitchen.

Happy Tuesday.

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