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Spot on Tuesday

I love the idea in the spotlight today because I love "real" furniture in the bathroom. Today I am looking at placing a table between pedestal sinks in the bathroom. It is über attractive and quite useful, in my opinion. Take a peek....

The table, as well as the glass shelves, add the much needed storage/counter space that pedestal sinks produce in a (non powder room) bathroom. This is charming.

This bathroom is a study in shapes and lines and it gets an A+ from me. Bonus points for having a waterproof table between the sinks too.

Technically these are not pedestal sinks, close enough though and the rustic metal storage cabinet between them is so attractive in here.

Do you a pedestal sink or pair in your house? Do you have a table next to one or between the pair? Table choices are endless to make this "spot" work for you and they certainly do not need to be expensive because the last thing you want is a "precious" table between two sinks!

Happy Tuesday.

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