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Spot On Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Today I have my spot (light) trained on the use of vertical paneling as a sort of backsplash in kitchens. Way back when in my second house I used tongue and groove vertical paneling as the backsplash in my kitchen. It was on the two walls above the counter tops and extended just above the height of the open shelving I designed in place of upper cabinets and I loved it. I am starting to see paneling being used a lot in kitchens lately and I am in love with it all over again.

Here are some examples of what I have been seeing.

Paneling in a neutral palette.....

And in color.....

photo source

Paneling is such a fabulous way to add texture, depth and warmth to a space and looks stunning just about anywhere it is used. Obviously the kitchen is included in the stunning column. Don't you think?

Have you ever used paneling in your kitchen? Would/will you?

Thank you for following my spot (light) today!





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