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Spot On Tuesday

Keeping my spot(light) in the bathroom for the second week in a row! Last week I was talking about shower panels in place of shower doors or shower curtains and today I am looking at mirrors over the vanity/sink.

I started out to write a post about the frequency at which I have been noticing what I call "trophy" mirrors in the bathroom. This is the term I have coined in my head because these mirrors are framed in the shape of a trophy shield/plaque that may be hanging on an office wall or displayed in a child's room giving recognition for some type of accomplishment. I can tell you that it would be quite an accomplishment if every time you looked in a "trophy" mirror you thought to yourself "I've never looked better"! lol

Here are a few examples of what I am spotting...

In keeping my eye open for "trophy" mirrors, I have also started to notice a lot more statement mirrors in the bathroom in general. They can have ornate frames like these.....

.....or be large and curvy like these two...

No matter what, these "trophy" and statement mirrors are bringing personality and style to the bathroom! I am almost always on Team Make A Statement so I am one hundred percent on board for this look. What about you? Do you already have a statement mirror in your bathroom? They are something to be on the lookout for when you're antiquing, garage sale-ing, vintage hunting, or checking out Home Goods! Happy hunting, I hope you bring home a trophy :-)

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