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On Trend Tuesday

Hello. My eyes have spied what I believe to be a developing trend. The trend is happening in bathrooms - either in full or half baths - and that is the use of stone sinks. I much prefer "trends" that can be suited to individual tastes rather than replicas. Stone sinks definitely fall into the "customizable trend" category. There are many, many types of stone and many, many sink shape options so the possibilities are almost limitless.

The first collection of pictures features stone vessel sinks. Stone vessel sinks tend to have a more casual vibe.

The backsplash for this sink is the same tile that I used in the master bathroom of my Holland house. It is clever to use it the width of the pedestal (table) and run it floor to ceiling - very attractive.

I particularly love the look of this one - rustic elegance.

photo source

This bathroom is a completely different type of elegance lol - indulgent, perhaps?

from Architectural Digest October 2021 Issue

This sink looks so substantial in this petite space. Gorgeous.

This dark stone vessel sink in a very dark bathroom is stunning. I love the way the mirror adds depth to the space and the deep windowsill. Love.

This next stone vessel sink sitting atop and in front of veiny marble is a great transition to all stone sinks, marble or otherwise.

All stone sinks can be quite dressed up when they are made using marble or another bold patterned stone or appear quite understated in less decorative types of stone.

The first three images that follow are certainly more formal.

I love the off center lighting in this bathroom.

The stone used to fabricate this sink is gorgeous.

The simplicity of the next five bathrooms makes for extremely visually appealing spaces.

I absolutely love this sink, the way the bowl is carved from the stone is exquisite. The sconces are also unexpected and amazing in a bathroom.

photo source

The stone sink in this space looks like artwork.

What do you think of the stone sink trend? Are you in? I am! I will be back tomorrow with a Food For Thought post.

Until then,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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