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On Trend Tuesday

Hello. I am here to talk about a material that I have been noticing more and more of lately which leads me to declare it is definitely On Trend. That material is cane. I have been seeing caning on seating, on cabinets and on decorative accessories on a very regular basis. Cane is great material because it is flexible to start so it can be used on curvy or straight surfaces. It is made from the outer skin of rattan stalks. When these stalks go through the process of "caning" it creates this specific woven look with the circles on the caned furniture and accessories in this post. Not to get too technical, cane on its own can become any type of rattan furniture or accessory. Most likely what comes to mind as caned furniture when you hear the term is exactly what is featured here today.

These side tables show the flexibility of cane, which provides a great complement to this black painted furniture.

Cane is a great material for chairs as seen in the next several images.

The lines of these upholstered chairs with caning used to fill in the outer form are fantastic.

These caned chairs look fabulous at the heads of the table.

I love the color of the caning, bench and chairs in this dining room.

These caned dining chairs fit right in with the mid-century feel of this room.

photo source

The stitching around the caning on these dining chairs is such an attractive detail.

m.elle, photo source

The bleached caning on these stools create a wonderful contrast with the black frames.

Caning is also an inspired choice for cabinet facing as seen in the next three images.

This cabinet looks "retro" and suits this banquette area perfectly.

photo source

I really like how the color of the caning matches the wood of the cabinets - sleek and attractive.

Caning looks lovely painted to match the cabinets too.

The caning on this mirror with its black frame seems a custom fit for the cheetah wallpaper.

This caned bed frame is beautiful. The lines are very simple which allows the caning to stand out and make a real statement in this room.

Do you have caned furniture in your house? I do not. I have a sentimental attachment to the look of this Marcel Breuer chair though. In my memory every family I ever babysat for growing up had chairs very similar to this at their kitchen table. Maybe someday....

This concludes this edition of On Trend Tuesday. I will be back tomorrow with an update on the exterior renovation of my house. See you then.

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