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On Trend Tuesday

Hello there! Today I am taking a look at a decorating feature that a year or two ago may have been considered "old fashioned" and now seems to be On Trend. That feature is under counter skirting. It is most often used under sinks, not always though. Skirting is a fabric curtain of sorts that takes the place of cabinetry doors. It conceals the contents of the cabinetry and is a great decorating tool to use to bring character to a space. The skirting fabric can be "tailored" (pun intended) to match the decor scheme or change it up a bit.

Here is a look at images that have caught my eye lately which have given me the distinct impression that skirting is (back) on trend.

This simple pinky-red ticking stripe brings the maroon cabinets and pale pink walls together in this kitchen perfectly.

deVol, photo source

The fabric for this under bar storage truly suits the colors and mood of this space.

The fabric on the skirting in this potting room is so happy and is perfect for a space where flowers are cut.

I love the brass rod used to hang the skirting under this sink. I also love the way this linen fabric hangs from the rod, so pretty.

The traditional ticking stripe used here is a nod to the old fashioned nature of under sink skirting and also suits the vibe of this almost finished kitchen that has been designed with a grand and historic feel.

There is so much to love about this next space. The bench, the painted floors, the artwork, the color of the cabinets and the basket of wood all make for a perfect sightline. The use of the skirting to the left of the sink in place of cabinetry takes a picturesque view and turns it picture perfect. Love this.

The skirting in this powder room brings a soft touch to what would otherwise read as a very formal space.

This is the third photo with ticking stripe used for skirting and the third color for the fabric. The khaki color works so well with the tones of the china in the cabinet, the decorative accessories, the sconce and the Roman shade. This butler's pantry is completely charming.

The white frayed skirt under the stone apron sink in this kitchen adds to the sense of history and permanence that this new kitchen was designed to have.

The stunning kitchen in this final image has skirting throughout the entire perimeter, as well as on parts of the island. The excess of skirting and the pattern on the fabric work so well to add character, depth and movement to the handsome space.

I am pleased to see skirting On Trend. I love a feature (trend or not) that can be personalized and is relatively easy to incorporate. Skirting does not have to be "old fashioned" by any means, nor does it have to be expensive. Source remnant or discount fabric that you love, be it modern or traditional; a large print, solid, or delicate pattern and turn it into a "skirt" - with some simple sewing, this is a trend that can be done DIY and that will transform your space. Do you have an open space that could be put to better use as beautifully concealed storage? Skirting just might be the perfect option!

I will be back tomorrow with a Food For Thought post. See you there!

Thank you for joining me today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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