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On Trend Tuesday

Hello. Today I am sharing a design choice that I have been noticing a lot lately which leads me to believe that it is becoming a trend of sorts. That design choice is using the color pink! Specifically pink in bathrooms and pink in kitchens. I first started to take note of the use of pink tiles in bathrooms. At first it caught my eye because it was a departure from "typical" tile colors in the bathroom and then I realized I was noticing pink being used more and more. Once I was on the lookout for pink in bathrooms to see if it was indeed a trend, I began to notice the color in a lot of kitchens as well.

Here are some of the images I have saved over the past several weeks that have led me to feature pink in this On Trend Tuesday post. I will start with the bathrooms.

Very pale square pink tiles in this shower. This is the first image that peaked my interest, these tiles are more like a hint of pink. I am a fan of the color variation in these tiles.

designed by Emily Farnham, photo source

A rosy pink stacked vertical tile used for the sink backsplash and in the shower of this bathroom. This is perfect for a young girl's bathroom.

designed by Studio Life/Style and Maison Ko, photo source

Large dusty rose pink tiles surrounding the tub. I love the arch for this tub shower combination.

designed by Anne Sage, photo source

Pink and pinky red square tiles in this very large shower. Another square tile with pretty color variation. This tile is smaller than the one used in the first image and makes the shower look large and luxurious - which it is :-).

designed by PRAIRIE, photo source

This pinky brick color stacked horizontal tile makes quite a statement as the backdrop for this soaker tub. The floating ledge for soap and bath accessories covered in the wall tile is such a great detail. This bathroom is a stunner.

designed by Monica Graffeo for Rexa Design, photo source

Another bath with square pink tiles and a lot of color variation - the tiled wall acts almost like a mural - so attractive.

designed by Kip&Co, photo source

No pink tile in this bathroom, rather a pink vanity and door that make this bathroom perfect for a young girl too.

designed by The Fox Group, photo source

Moving into the kitchen. I had never really considered using pink in a kitchen before - some of these images have me seriously considering it though!

This pale pink vertical stacked tile with size and color variation is exquisite.

designed by Ford Interior Design, photo source

The cabinetry in this next kitchen is painted my very favorite pink - Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball. I used this color in my younger daughter's bedroom in The Fourth House and I am planning to use it in the guest room of The Sixth House. The brick floor used in this kitchen is a perfect companion to the cabinetry too - I am fanning over this kitchen!

This kitchen has bubble gum pink cabinetry which blends extremely well with the heavily veined countertops.

designed by Wit & Delight, photo source

Pink backsplash tile with green cabinetry - perfect for the preppies! I remember reading the Preppy Handbook in middle school and wanting everything I wore to be pink and green. I would have been very pleased and proud if this kitchen was in our house at the time!

Another pink and green kitchen! I would not call this preppy, I would call it chic.

designed by deVol, photo source

The pink walls in this kitchen are so peaceful and the pink complements the dark cabinets and rustic wood floor perfectly.

designer unknown, photo source

The next two kitchens are also charming with their pale pink walls and dark island cabinetry/furniture.

designed by deVol, photo source

designed by deVol, photo source

In the spirit of pink, here is a gorgeous high gloss pink door exceptionally decorated for fall. Do you think the kitchen and bathrooms in this house are pink?!

photo by Klaudia in London, photo source

Would you use pink in the bathroom or kitchen? Have you? I have not yet, I sure would though as I am still fawning over the use of Pink Ground in the kitchen featured above.

I will be back tomorrow with another installment of Thank You Note. See you then.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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