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On Trend Tuesday

Hello! Happy Tuesday. Today I am talking about pot racks. Pot racks are a functional, "necessity is the mother of invention" type feature that have been around since the dawn of kitchens. As family kitchens increased in size and storage over the years, pot racks became less popular and less necessary. Pot racks have remained a kitchen design element that has come in and out of favor over the years though and from what I can tell, they are in now!

Like all design elements I feature in On Trend Tuesday posts, pot racks can be personalized - designed and implemented to meet your tastes and style. I am not a fan of copy-cat pieces, I am a fan of pot racks though!

Following are some of the kitchens I have noticed lately that have incorporated pot racks to a great advantage.

I will start with pot racks of all types and sizes that hang as a centerpiece in the kitchen.

This kitchen is timeless and beautiful. One can only imagine that unseen is a large range to accompany this array of pots.

These next two kitchens are actually using the same style pot rack as the one used in the first kitchen - showcasing how design and styling sets each apart.

A single row of pots above this island...

This kitchen has a fantastic mix of industrial elements and old wood. The pot rack brings them together perfectly.

I love the rustic look and feel of this pot rack - reminiscent of the early days of pot racks!

photo source

Another stunning way to hang and display pots is on something more like a "pot rod". Here are some great examples of that look!

The soapstone backsplash and copper pots and rod in this kitchen are gorgeous.

This rod in front of the window is also gorgeous.

A rod above the window looks lovely too.

I really like the way this rod spans the entire range wall.

Everything about this pot hanging display is perfection. I love how the metal strip is flush to the wall with hooks attached for the pans - it sets off the window spectacularly. So. Gorgeous.

Here is another wall spanning pot rod for you. Copper for the win.

I love the collection of small pots and towel on this rod. Charming.

Finally, who needs a pot rack when you have a beam? This is stunning.

Do you have pot rack in your kitchen? Are you inspired to incorporate one? I know I am!

Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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