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On Trend Tuesday

Hello! Happy August and how the heck can it be August already!?! Summer is going by way too fast, as it always does. My children go back to school in less than three weeks. It does not seem right to me or fair to them. I need to make an effort to be sure I am appreciating these last days before I am back in the swing of school "stuff" again. I hope you are enjoying your last days of summer, and I hope you have many more days than we do at my house.

Now, on to the design talk!

I have been noticing lucite (perhaps some are acrylic) pieces incorporated into all sorts of rooms lately which has inspired me to write an On Trend Tuesday post. I will say right at the onset that I am a fan of this "trend". It fits my motto of "customizable, not copy cat" and lucite works in modern decor, traditional decor, and of course eclectic decor.

Following are some examples of lucite being incorporated into all sorts of spaces.

"In Step"

Lucite in the entry hall looks lovely.

This chrome and lucite table keeps with the contemporary feeling of this entry.

The lucite table is the most minimalistic piece in this hallway and it fits in perfectly.

The lucite display stand looks stunning in this entryway. I also love the gate on the stairs - stylish for children or pets.

Living Large

Lucite coffee tables work in any type of living room decor as evidenced in the next several rooms.

This table may be glass, it is gorgeous in this farm house living room though, no matter what, so I am going to believe it is lucite or acrylic!

Seat At The Table

Lucite makes a statement in the dining room too.

photo source

Well "Island" Be!

Lucite shelves make the base for this super cool kitchen island.

Work Table

A lucite desk makes a power play in this home office.

Trendy Tots

Lucite definitely adds flare to the nursery, replacing a traditional wood crib with one that has a modern flare. Lucky littles!

photo source

I am on the lookout for places I can incorporate lucite for sure. What about you? Is this a trend you would like to follow in your own way?

I am planning to be back at the end of the week with a Comfort Food Friday post. See you then.

Thank you for stopping by today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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