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On Trend Tuesday

Hello! I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend. It has been sooo hot here in Ohio, it has been sunny and beautiful though so no complaining. Isn't that what summer is all about?!?!? I hope the weather has been good for you too and you are enjoying your summer thus far.

You may have noticed if you are a regular reader of my blog that I have not been posting very often. I am really concentrating on expanding my design business and as a result I have scaled back significantly on blogging. I miss it. Blogging has encouraged me to open my eyes to details and ideas that I might not ordinarily be paying much attention to. I plan to continue with my On Trend Tuesday series, as well as Manic Monday, Inspiration for My Renovation, House Six Updates and Comfort Food Friday. I may sneak a few other things in along the way too. The posts will be less frequent for sure though, I plan to post a blog about five times per month.

On Trend Tuesday is one of my favorite series because I am talking about a particular design element that I am noticing in a lot of places that can be tailored to individual tastes - these posts are not about replicas, rather On Trend Tuesday is about interpretation. In today's post I am highlighting patterned tile floors in the laundry room. Everyone has to do laundry, so it might as well be done in a space that makes you happy. A great way to accomplish that is to have some fun with the floor!

You can use small scale tiles with a subtle pattern like the following three laundry rooms.

I love, love, love this floor. The entire laundry room is amazing for that matter. I would be happy doing laundry in here for sure!

I would be happy in here too.

And in here would be fine too! I really like the old fashioned vibe of these small scale tiles and patterns.

A checkerboard pattern works really well to add some pizazz to the laundry room too.

The vintage rug in this laundry room takes it to the next level.

The skirted laundry sink is the perfect complement to this old school black and white checkerboard floor.

This is a petite, patterned, and colorful laundry room - charming.

These subtle clay tiles make a striking pattern and impression in this pretty laundry room.

The next several laundry rooms have large tiles that come together to make a pattern on the floor and they all elevate the character and appeal of the laundry room space substantially.

I love the shape of the exterior door in this laundry room.

The cabinetry, backsplash, and baskets on the wall all work together to make this laundry room gorgeous.

The paneling on the walls and ceiling and the table leg sink are uber attractive in here.

I love an apron front sink in the laundry room.

Multiple washers and dryers would be a dream come true! If you have the space, why not!?!

This laundry room is brimming with beach-y charm.

Do you have a patterned tile floor in your laundry room already? If you were going to install one, do you prefer the small scale old fashioned patterns, checkerboard, clay tiles, or larger tiles that join together to make a pattern? I am partial to the old fashioned patterns or clay tiles, myself. Please comment and let me know your choice!

I hope you have a great day. Thank you for stopping in today.





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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