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Inspiration for my Renovation

Hello. Happy Monday. I'm still praying for the green light to begin my renovation (icymi, John's company was sold and we want to be sure we're on solid ground before going forward). As I am keeping the faith, I continue to gather ideas and inspiration images for the time when the project does indeed begin. I was just wondering to myself this morning how this house would look if we started the renovation right when we moved in.....I have made a lot of tweaks and some big changes to my initial plan and I look at that as a blessing, as I think they are all for the better!

Here is what I have my eye on lately.

At first I wanted to replace the stairs in my house and now I have decided to keep the existing staircase. I have opted to paint it all and have a runner installed. Now my mind has shifted to doing something to make the stair wall in the entryway look a bit more interesting. I really love the idea of adding trim boards similar to these next two images to jazz it up. There will not be furniture on that wall, as of now I am planning to have the entryway tables on the opposite wall only so having some visual interest on the stair wall would be a good thing.

I also think a lot about my old copper topped kitchen table that I plan to put at the end of the entry hall to bridge the space between the entry, great room, circle room, and kitchen.

I wonder if there should be some type of seating under it, like in this image...I'm not sold on it.

And I for sure need to replace the base on the table and I really like the look of these next two table bases with multiple, angled legs. I met a custom furniture maker at a flea market recently with some beautiful pieces and he said he could make me, of course I am starting to collect images for inspiration to design a base for the table.

I have decided to put wall to wall sisal or jute type carpeting in the library and circle room in place of hardwood to save money. I am planning to layer rugs in those rooms anyway so it seemed like a good place to save a little and still get the overall look I want. When this is done though, I want there to be wood thresholds between the rooms that have obvious visual dimension to break the spaces up. I do not want the wall to wall to go seamlessly from room to room. These next two images have the type of threshold I am thinking of. It will give the illusion that we installed hardwood in the rooms, like the rest of the first floor, without actually doing it.

I mentioned in the last Inspiration for my Renovation post that I am now going to keep the laundry room on the main floor. Originally I had planned to move it to the second floor and have decided that the return on that expense/investment will not be worth the effort. I am so used to doing laundry on the main floor now too, that it doesn't seem to be such a must have. It sure was quite a shock to my system when we moved here though.

I have been thinking of ways to make what will now be the combined mudroom/laundry room space more aesthetically pleasing. One idea I have is to use a skirt under the laundry sink, something like this image.

photo source

I also am inclined to go back to my dream of having hexagonal terra cotta tiles as the flooring. I just love them sooooo much.

I have designed the mudroom/laundry room space to have a wall of pegs for hanging coats and backpacks and now I am wondering, do I stick with pegs or do I switch to hooks? I love the idea of pegs, whatever is used though needs to hold up to heavy backpacks and people yanking their coats from them. The next image shows pegs and the two that follow it have hooks. What do you think? Please weigh in in the comments!

I bought a bunch of antique iron stoneware and transferware at an antique store recently in anticipation of styling the bookshelf that will eventually grace my kitchen. These next two images make me excited for that!

If I don't use terra cotta for the mudroom/laundry room floor, I am really drawn to a checkerboard floor like the one below lately for the space.

I plan to have the countertop surface of the eating/stool section of my kitchen island marble and this marble is the look I want! Gorgeous.

I love the idea of incorporating a vintage sink in the remodel of my basement bathroom. Give that space a little personality! lol The only thing I have to balance is making sure it does not look out of place in a 1990s basement. Something like this seems simple enough to work. It is so pretty.

This bedding is gorgeous. We need new bedding in my house so badly and I love patterns like this.

The entrance to the shower in my master bathroom will be curved like this and I really like the look of the tile all around the shower door. Something to consider.....

I love the look of these curtains and shades as inspiration for the master bedroom in my house.

Lastly, the detached "jeep garage" debacle still haunts me (icymi we purchased a pre-fab one that matched the dimensions that the homeowner's association approved and when they saw it installed they had us remove it). John wants to build a garage more than he wants to do the inside of the house. No way is that happening! (at least I hope not!). Nonetheless, I am still gathering inspiration of what it will one day look like and I love the looks of this building below. If we're going to build custom now, why not have a second floor lol!?!

photo source

That's it for now. Please let me know if you have thoughts and opinions in the comments, would love to know!

Happy Monday.

Thank you for visiting today,



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