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Comfort Food Friday

Hello and happy Friday! Now that we are unofficially in summer and very close to being officially in summer, I am sharing one of my favorite marinades for steak on the grill. It is a balsamic vinegar marinade that is more like a vinaigrette - thicker than traditional marinade and if you put some aside, the marinade can also be used as a sauce for the meat after cooking. It's delectable!

I did not take step by step pictures for this recipe because it is basically one step. You put all of the ingredients with the exception of the olive oil in a mini food processor (or blender). I find the mini food processor to be easier, if you don't have one though, a blender works just fine. After the first five ingredients are combined, add the olive oil in slowly to the mixture creating a creamy consistency for the marinade/vinaigrette.

The marinade has a terrific tangy taste so I recommend reserving about one quarter cup of the marinade to use as a sauce for the cooked meat before you marinate the steak. You could use a flank steak or a flat iron steak. My family prefers the more tender texture of the flat iron over the flank. Both are very good though. Marinate the steak in a ziplock bag up to twenty-four hours and then grill to medium-rare. After the grilled meat has rested for five to ten minutes slice it thinly against the grain and it is ready to go. Serve with the reserved marinade/vinaigrette. It is delicious with fresh corn and a Caprese salad - the ultimate summer meal!

I do have some pictures of the finished product though!

On the grill:


Dinner served!

I hope you try it and you love it as much as we do at my house. Please let me know!

I will be back with a Manic Monday post. See you then.

Happy weekend,





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