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Comfort Food Friday

Hello! I have another chicken recipe for you today. This is the third chicken recipe in the series, evening out chicken and non-chicken recipes. As chicken is a quite common ingredient around here, I would expect that tally will eventually fall in chicken's favor. The most comforting thing about this chicken is how easy it is on the cook! It is such a go to for me that when I am asked "what's for dinner..." by anyone in my family they always end the question with "...honey mustard chicken?". At least twice per month the answer seems to be yes.

This is my adaptation of a Bobby Flay recipe that I saw years ago in Food & Wine magazine.

Here is the recipe in step by step pictures.

Place the chicken on a parchment lined baking sheet with olive oil in the middle. You don't need too much olive oil because the chicken will produce a lot of fat on its own when cooking.

Turn the chicken pieces to coat all sides lightly with the oil and then generously sprinkle the chicken with salt and put in the oven for about 50 minutes.

When the chicken is cooking, make the honey mustard sauce. I use this pan because the liquid cup measurements are shown inside and the handle makes it easy to pour the sauce on the chicken. Any small saucepan will do though.

Whisk the ingredients together and bring to a boil.

After simmering for a few minutes set the sauce aside until needed for the chicken.

This is what the chicken will look like after cooking for about fifty minutes. You can see it produces a lot of fat beyond the light coating of olive oil.

The fat/oil has been drained in this picture.

Pour the honey mustard sauce all over the chicken.

Coat the pieces with the sauce and place back in oven at elevated temperature.

This is how the chicken looks when it is cooking with the sauce.

This is the chicken when done. The sauce is caramelizing at the edges and on the chicken.

That's all there is to it. Add some sides and dinner is served!

The chicken is yummy. The skin is crunchy and flavorful if you like skin, the chicken is delicious regardless. Please let me know what you think!

Happy weekend. See you back here on Manic Monday.

Thank you for being here,


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2022년 2월 18일

What's a good desert to go with this?

Kerry Moylan
Kerry Moylan
2022년 2월 18일
답글 상대:

For me, anything chocolate!


2022년 2월 18일




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