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Monday Mentions: November 2022

Hello. I hope you had a wonderful, restful Thanksgiving weekend. It is hard to believe that we are mere moments away from December, the last month of the year! How did that happen!?! To help you ease into your Monday and the last fews days of November, here are the images I have curated over the month. They are full of beauty indeed.

To start off, I have a number of "views" that I find to be completely stunning. If you were to picture yourself seated in a chair placed in the spot the photograph was taken, as I did, you most likely would not want to get up, rather you would sit to admire and absorb the beauty before you.

This view has it all - intriguing artwork, lovely mix of paint colors and furniture periods, exposed beams, gorgeous floors, stately fireplace, and more.

I love the touch of yellow, and the antlers above the sink, that both break up (and make sing) this black and white space. Stunning.

Layered rugs and horizontal paneling get me every time.

Love the subtlety of this space. It's like a "starry night", the more you look, the more you see.

photo source

This sightline is sublime.

The way the artwork, fabric, wallpapered ceiling, rug, and books all speak to each other is screaming out: spectacular space!

I could look at just the wicker sofa in this room all day! The mix of furniture and view to the dining room are quite lovely too, of course.

photo source

This space just screams cool to me, and confidence in design for sure.

A lovely vignette.

The combination of abstract art and antiques is one of my all time favorite design mixes. My own house certainly reflects that lol. I also love the depth of the black paint on the mantel. So handsome.

I don't think I would ever leave the kitchen. I could look at this view all day long.

This over sized wicker pendant is calling my name. Can you hear it? "Kerry, Kerry, Kerry...."

photo source

This is another spectacular kitchen space. The wood pieces flanking the dining table are both amazing!

I am transitioning from breathtaking views now to start looking at little things that make a big impact.

These wavy wicker shaded pendants completely change the dynamic of this simple, heavy on the storage, kitchen. Love.

The pendant light in here also manages to bring the entire space together. This kitchen is restraint at it's best. Swooning over it!

I love patterned sofas so much.

And I love a room with a great mix of fabrics used to elevate a white sofa.

The pattern play in here is charming. The wallpaper on the ceiling is the icing on the cake!

I love how the mirrors in these next three bathrooms work around the backsplash and paneling - you see yourself without sacrificing style in the space. Perfection.

This bathroom has the pivoting mirror (which is gorgeous), it's the yellow tile that I love most of all though. Note, the larger tiles on the bottom forming a border, and the larger tiles and trim pieces on top. Stunning!

Two cool sinks....

photo source

Flowers from Ina Garten's garden. I wish I could be friends with the Barefoot Contessa!

I love the styling of this mantel. I have a weak spot for red.

I also have a soft spot for wicker and I love this chair. It's from Anthropologie so it could be yours (and mine)!

I was struck by how in these spaces, the curtains seen in the distance are spanning from one room to the next and the hall table exceeds the wall depth between the entry and the next space. Both of these design elements are things that I think most people would think you should not do and yet this is proof of how thinking outside of the (so called) "rules" box is almost always a win. It all certainly works here.

I saved this last image because the room is prefect, even without furniture.

Happy Monday!

Thank you for being here today,



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