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Inspiration For My Renovation

Hi! Today I am sharing the images that I have collected over the past fews weeks that have given me some further inspiration for my upcoming renovation. I have started to have meetings with Nicholson Builders about my renovation project so I am trying really hard to focus on specifics within my design rather than throwing in complete design curveballs. Yesterday I did see a picture that had me start to rethink the layout of my kitchen and I forced myself to look away! I have been committed to my kitchen design since day one and I went back and took a thorough look at it and am (re)convinced that it is the way to go. That other kitchen sure was pretty though :-).

Following are the ideas that caught my eye and that do not change the fundamentals of my design, rather they are much more decorative in nature at this point.

I have started to gravitate towards a very simple profile for the shelving in the library and this image is very representative of the kind of look I am going for. The color of the millwork and the picture lights immediately draw me in too.

I am on the hunt for a new base for our old round copper top kitchen table. I plan to use the table as the landing spot/anchor in the passageway between the front entry, circle room, great room and kitchen. I loved the (I think it is seagrass) base of this round table. A completely new direction to consider for the table base in place of wood. Wicker speaks to me so this table was calling my name!

I have a box of blue and white tile that I have been moving with me since The Second House. I wanted to use the tile as the backsplash behind the range in that house and when I realized I would be moving soon after the kitchen was complete I decided not to use it there and save it for the another project. I then planned to use it around the fireplace in the great room of The Fifth House and again found out I would be moving so I kept the tiles in the box and moved them here. This image reminded me that I have the tiles and now has me wondering if I should use them around the fireplace in the great room here??? Even unfinished and unfurnished this room has such wonderful charm and the tiles bring so much extra character.

I am in love with this pendant light and I am thinking it matches my criteria for "almost invisible" island lighting in my kitchen when the renovation is complete. What do you think of it?!? It is so simple and attractive at the same time. I am smitten.

I love the French doors in this kitchen and they make me want to replace the sliding door in my kitchen as part of the renovation. We were planning to replace it initially and then thought we could keep it to save money. Now, I of course want to replace it again for certain! I also am so drawn to heavily veined marble lately - it makes a striking statement and brings hints of colors into the spaces where it is used. In this case it is quite dramatic too.

Speaking of countertop and backsplash surfaces, this next images solidifies my desire to have soapstone as the range backsplash and countertop surface in my kitchen. I just love soapstone, period.

I have mentioned before that I would love to have arched doors from the master bedroom into the hallway leading to the bathroom and another arched doorway/opening as the entrance to the bathroom. This image makes me want to arch the entire hallway. Isn't it stunning?

I thought this table by the tub was so sweet and delicate and it gives me inspiration on what to consider for my master bathroom once the renovation is all complete.

As part of my renovation, we are converting the "his" closet into the laundry room and will be left only with the "her" closet for both he and she. This closet gave me great inspiration for what can be accomplished in a small space. Similar to this closet, we also have a slanted wall in our closet and the room is about the same width as this space. This image has me convinced I can come up with a closet that is mighty in storage and also easy on the eyes - the cabinetry used here is tasteful and beautiful.

Another space in my house that is small and needs to be mighty is the "his" closet turned laundry room. This image provides inspiration to consider "unconventional" cabinetry placement to get the most storage and use out of the space as possible.

This last photo is because I am obsessed with glass walled rooms lately and I keep saving images and brainstorming with myself on how to get one in my house. I have two possibilities that I am pretending/hoping would make perfect sense despite the expense (form over function battles are real!). One is the gym in the basement, which actually I think would really ramp up the character of the basement. The drawback is that the gym would always have to be really clean and there is no window in there for natural light. The other possibility would be the sitting room space in the master bedroom. The ceiling is peaked at different angles on both sides of the space though so a glass wall like the red one below with its straight horizontal top meeting the ceiling could not be achieved. I will keep scheming on this.....

These images have my wheels turning for sure. I will keep looking for elements and ideas to elevate my design and I will share them as I gather them. Tomorrow I will be back with Vignettes of the Month. See you then.

Thank you for coming by today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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