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Inspiration For My Renovation

Hello! As I often do, I am following up a Manic Monday post with specific images I have tagged as inspiration for my upcoming - can I say undergoing now that we are scheduled for our third meeting with the builder!!? renovation.

In the initial talks the builders and I have chatted about big picture goals, some specifics about the master bathroom, looked at a number of sample material and finish options at the builder's office, and discussed the fact that my kitchen island design might actually be too wide for the space. I have really tried to refine my search to focus on all of these items, as well as a few other possible choices that keep me up at night, when looking for inspiration. Here is what I have gathered over the past few weeks!

Flooring Options

I have decided on the basic tone of the wood I want for the house using the next three pictures as guided inspiration.

I love the idea of having herringbone floors in the entry only. These floors are so beautiful.

I shared this image in Wallpaper Love and gushed about it for all sorts of reasons, including the flooring. I have always been partial to pine and would love to have random width floors as well.

The floors in this Maine kitchen, in the home of Ben Block from Block Brothers Custom Cabinets and his family, are from pine trees cut down right on their Maine property. Be still my heart. These random width floor boards are gorgeous. So is the kitchen. Holy Moly.


I would love to do paneling in just about every room of my house if I could. I think it adds depth and makes a space feel far more interesting and substantial. We have a fixed budget though and unfortunately paneling does not fall into the must have category (in most instances I am hoping). If I can swing it, I would love to have paneling in the entry. It is two stories high and paneling would really enhance the space. This paneling almost looks like basketweave between the solid vertical boards. Talk about depth!

New Old, photo source

Something like this would be ideal!

I also really want to have paneling in the "lower living area" to give the space true character as a family room rather than having it feel like "a typical basement". These next four rooms are all calling my name with ideas and giving me major paneling inspiration.

This paneling looks to be almost like a belt around the room, hung in the middle of the wall only. Very unusual and appealing.

This flush paneling is charming.

I love the way the paneling in this bedroom is only above the chair rail height. Again, unexpected and extremely attractive.

I am loving this floor to ceiling vertical paneling - and the way the slope turns to horizontal panels lining up perfectly with the wall to the left - great detail!

Kitchen Island

In my current kitchen design the island is five and a half feet wide by twelve feet long. The builders have recommended something slightly narrower for a more "graceful" passage throughout the kitchen and also in consideration of slab sizes for the top (which I was worried about). I have been wishing that there was space in the kitchen for a small set of bookshelves for cookbooks and slightly reducing the size of the island may end up being quite fortuitous in this regard :-).

This is the current island configuration:

Initially I had placed the trash/recycling bin in the center of the narrow side of the island facing the stove. If that space is reduced by six inches to make the island five feet wide there will still be twelve inches of open space all the way down the island between the sets of cabinets, drawers, and the dishwasher. This is what I am thinking:

  1. Move the dishwasher to the left of the sink

  2. Move the trash/recycling bin to the right of the sink

  3. Add a small open "slot" for cutting boards to the right of the trash/recycling bin

  4. Expand the space between the two sets of cabinets/drawers/dishwasher at the center of the island that faces the stove to be twenty inches wide and fifteen inches deep to build in a small set of bookshelves. (This would mean that the first set of cabinets/drawers on the sides of the shelves would need to be custom made with a twenty inch depth rather than the standard twenty-four inch depth. The remainder of the cabinets and drawers will remain the standard size).

Here is the revised layout:

This is some island bookshelf inspiration!


I definitely want pegboards in the mudroom and I am loving and now seriously wanting this shelf detail above the pegboards.

Master Bedroom

I need to finalize the plan with the upholsterer for the sofas in the master bedroom, which will be slipcovered, and I really like the look of the loose bottom on the covers of these chairs. (Here is a link to the current design for the master bedroom).

Master Bathroom

I want dark tile in the shower in the master bathroom and this image seals the deal! (You can see my design for the entire space here).

New Old, photo source

I also really want a long (and tall enough for all shampoo bottles) niche above the bench in the shower, similar to this.

The designer on our project suggested a solid wall in the shower for the shower head and faucet, rather than a column for the fixtures surrounded by glass as I had designed on the wall to the left of the tub. This image made me think about that. I think it is a brilliant idea that will help to balance the WC door on the right and provide ample privacy from the extremely large window we have above the tub (right next to the shower).

I am getting more excited by the day! I will be back tomorrow with a new feature - Book Report. See you then.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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