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Inspiration For My Renovation

I have a meeting later (what will be today when you read this) with the builder to finalize the scope of our renovation project. First, I have to have a meeting with John tonight (which will be yesterday when you read this). I have been cutting out as much as I can without crying myself to sleep and I still need to cut more. And perhaps a lot more after my meeting with John. No worries, now I definitively know that it is essential to be more creative with materials and decor. Going forward, decorating and materials will be the ONLY place I focus my search for inspiration.

What better place to start than the stairs. I have already determined that we will not change out any stair parts as I had initially wanted to, we will simply paint the existing stairs. If you read this series regularly you know that I am having a hard time determining what color or colors I want to use on the stairs though. Whenever I think I am set on all white I come across an image that makes me re-think that choice. For instance, this blue railing sure looks beautiful.

The paint scheme on these stairs is more subtle. The treads are painted a beige-y off white while the remaining parts are all white. This idea could perhaps be a compromise between a bold color and all white???? Still thinking....

photo source

Speaking of paint color schemes, a great way to add visual interest to a house without making a lot of structural changes is to use multiple paint colors in one room. I am getting major inspiration from the dark window with white trim around it and the use of a separate color for the cabinetry and crown molding. This is a very handsome laundry room with a paint scheme to emulate in some way elsewhere.

We have decided to reface the fireplaces ourselves since it's a job John and I can easily do ourselves. I am keeping an eye out for ideas that extend beyond what I had initially designed. I like the simplicity of these horizontal boards facing the entire fireplace with just a bit of brick showing. A variation of this is possible in my house because both of the fireplaces are currently red brick from top to bottom.

I also really like this fireplace screen.

I am always drawn to slipcovered chairs in the dining room and I am digging the color and the generous gathered skirts on these chairs.

I saved this image because we have a scale just like this that is now at The Farm. The scale was in all of our houses growing up and has a set of weights in a wood holder that goes with it. I remember balancing out the scales with the weights as a small child and years later watching my own children and nephews do the same thing. Mostly for nostalgic reasons I want a vintage scale of some sort in the bookshelves that will be constructed in my kitchen as part of the renovation.

photo source

We have also decided to renovate the basement ourselves to save money. The basement below gives the vibe I want to achieve with my basement - slightly sophisticated and made for fun.

Oz, photo source

This basement bathroom is great inspiration for beautifying a basement bath. I particularly like the use of an antique chest in the space. This bathroom is a notch, more like fifty notches, above my current basement bath.

photo source

This is actually an image from a home shop in Greenwich, Connecticut and I saved it because I still have not chosen the fabric for the vintage loveseats (a hand me down from my parents) that will be used in the master bedroom. The lines are very similar to the sofa in this photo and I am loving the idea of the ticking stripe.

photo source

I am starting to think about flooring alternatives for the master bathroom that may be a cost savings and I am giving serious thought to large tiles in a checkerboard pattern. I saved the following images as inspiration. What do you think?

The last images are inspiration for the Jeep garage - which has actually fallen to the very bottom of the priority list. Hope springs eternal though and I hope to someday replace the one that has been removed. I really like the roof line of these two buildings. Food for thought....

That is it for today. I will be back next week to give you an update on House Six. Have a great week.

Thank you for following along with my renovation,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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